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Which monitor to get as external monitor for laptop?

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despair Level 69 Reboot Hero

productivity+ gaming. Laptop screen is only 15inch which makes it bad to game with.

The links you provided shows G247HYL bmidx has a built in speaker, should I go for it or the R240HY for the thinner bezels? Also should I buy now or wait for Black Friday? Any better suggestions within within ~150$ budget?

Oct 22 2016
burning Level 200 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
If your top priority is to save money, then do wait until Black Friday. Aging monitor lines (which include those three, the Acer R240HY is the newest having launched in 2015) tend to get discounted a fair bit. I will admit that the three monitors you are currently looking at right now still hold pretty good value for the lower mid-range.
Oct 22 2016

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