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Which side of luminous are you guys choosing?

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Im still stuck on which side. So what are you guys choosing?
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azel088 Level 143 Bera Demon Slayer 4
dark since i enjoyed being the devil in fable and im naming mine FableThree
Nov 29 2012
Already got my name :LeftHerToDie...guess which side im choosing?
Nov 29 2012
It matters because you get stronger attacks for the side that you chose.
Nov 29 2012
The only thing that changes is one skill in 1st job, who cares.
Nov 29 2012
OMGyouNOOB Level 200 Mardia Phantom 4
Just in it for the link skill; but probably the dark side.[/quote]

What's the link skill?
Nov 29 2012
Rimkii Level 206 Bera Marksman
I like the looks of the light skills but i'm a sucker for underdog classes xD so maybe try dark side?
Nov 29 2012
Saltybandaid Level 200 Windia Paladin
What's the link skill?[/quote]

10% pdr.
Nov 29 2012
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