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Which style is better?

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shacharking2 Level 115 Bera Phantom 4
Posted: June 2014 Permalink


iLikeU Level 168 Windia Bow Master
The white one!
Also where did u get to do this? Is there a website that lets you try on NX?
Jun 28 2014
Caller Level 196 Broa Thunder Breaker 4
honestly, both are pretty typical, but i would go with the one on the right just because he has shoes
Jun 28 2014
LovelyRosa777 Level 173 Galicia Evan 10th Growth Lucida Guild
I feel as though the one on the left goes more with the wings, but I would add some black shoes to help complete the look.

The one on the right looks okay too, but without the wings and different shoes.
Jun 28 2014
I like the second one better, and btw what are those wings/cape called?
Jun 28 2014
shacharking2 Level 115 Bera Phantom 4
If a black shoe will be added to the first one? Would it be better?
Note that i'm a phantom, maybe a dark kind of theme would be more recommended...
Jun 28 2014
BIueee Level 202 Scania Blade Master
White one cus purple has no shoes
Jun 28 2014

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