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Who Cassandra think she is?

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yomamma1134 Level 10 Scania Citizen
For moderators: Please read the disclaimer that i wrote below.

Dis be a re-upload of mah tread cuz it got deleted. but i kinda changed up some stuff doe.
I did this ratchet hood rat a big favor by collecting her fity jewel tick scraps dat she torn up cuh she was prolly PMS'in. I collected them yesterday but aint give it to her till today. when i finnah give her dem ticks dat she rip up she say dis to me [url=]you stupid.[/url] dis bimbo crystal ball hippy fortune teller think she can talk to me like dat? she question me dat i aint even got fity of em thinkin i cant count. please gurl, i was the last of my friends to drop out of high skool i kno what i doin. she lucky i aint dat kinda person to sock her on the back of her head while she aint lookin cuz i aint bout that life, but she keep dat up and somebody will. but i swear if she eva lay a hand on me dis what it goin look like [url=]ima sock you[/url].
And now wit dat aniversury event she tell me she goin send me to a forest dat has ALLLL KINDZZZ of maple leaves for me to finnah collect and she sayed dat i be goin back to where i was wen i leave da forest. but guess what happen wen i left dat forest doe? shiii bruh i be in henesy wit all dem henehoes. Cassandra why is u gotta play me like dat? u prolly causin all dis trouble cuz some man did you wrong (it was prolly chief stan).

TL;DR: is you being for real right now? Please bruh the cat in the hat got mo sentences than what i just wrote, i just writed only 11 sentences.

Disclaimer (For moderators): I am not trolling/spamming and I am just expressing how Cassandra (the NPC) talks so rude and how the event is set up strange by only allowing you to redeem the ticket on certain days. I simply wrote it humorously, but was on topic relating to maplestory and my thread title was not irrelevant or off topic at all. I have messaged one of the moderators, Pavchka, about it and she said that I was allowed to re-post my thread. I myself, or Pavchka view it as a troll/spam thread as well as breaking any of the other basil rules. I appreciate you guys for keeping the forums orderly and if you still feel that I am breaking one of the basil rules then please let me know instead of just deleting the thread and suspending me. Thank you
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anthide Level 208 Windia Kaiser 4
Hahahahahha pretty funny stuff
May 03 2013
sceneangelx Level 200 Scania F/P Arch Mage
this is hilarious
May 03 2013
yomamma1134 Level 10 Scania Citizen
Was this Gizoogled? That site is hilarious on an iphone. Hearing Siri read me curry recipes that have been Gizoogled is fun[/quote]
umm no. i havent even heard of that until now. and even if i did use it, it would have alot of swear words
May 03 2013
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