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Who Still Has An Ultimate Adventurer?

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seatillite Level 202 Broa Bow Master
Curious how many people still have them/know what they are. I still have 2, my Shadower and my Bowmaster. Anyone else have a UA or two still sitting around from those days?
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pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
I did the quests instead, since UA is no longer possible. Took me a whole week, call me Ultra Adventurer
Jul 30 2018
lordanubis Level 221 Scania Paladin
My main, this Pally its Ultimate Adventurer, I did the quest with my Mihile, but i forgot to create the char... so only one lol
Jul 30 2018
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
My first lvl 200 is an Ultimate Adventurer! My Marksman
Jul 30 2018
sanjupm Level 231 Bera Corsair See what games, anime & art sanjupm is intoSanjuPMSheriff
Its pretty cool, now you can get the old cygnus skill through the quests, but true UAs still have the old cygnus summon skill as well
Jul 30 2018
illuminye Level 170 Windia Xenon 4 what's an Ultimate Adventurer? elighten me...
Jul 31 2018
deeemon Level 214 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
@illuminye: Some time when Cygnus Knights were first released, and before their big revamp that changed their level cap from 120 to 200 (like before 2014?), there was this quest you could do on level 120 Cygnus Knight characters that let's you create an Adventurer that starts at level 50 with a Cygnus Knight skill and their little summon thing. Mihile's Soul Driver for warriors, Oz's Flame Gear for mages, Irena's Wind Pierce for bowmen, Eckhart's Vampire for thieves, and Hawkeye's Shark Wave for pirates. They were better than the other skills Adventurers used to have back then and also improved training speed a bit. But there were a couple negatives of creating an Ultimate Adventurer, missing HP and MP because skipped 1st job advancement bonuses, and inventory slot issue.

One thing that was cool about Ultimate Paladin was, you could use elemental charges with Soul Driver, this was when Paladin's elemental charges were buffs before being changed into actual elemental attacks. Ice Driver was literally cool, but nexon had to go and frick everything up!

Oz's Flame Gear is an extra DoT, probably useful for F/P Arch Mage.

Eckhart's Vampire is like a healing + knock back(does it still knock back?) skill, like a fusion of Assassin's old Drain and Gust Charm.

Hawkeye's Shark Wave just had good range. It's like a mini Bucc Blast.

I don't know what to say about Irena's Wind Pierce, it's just slow. I'm pretty sure Wind Archer's Wind Pierce had healing properties, but not Irena's, which was a letdown.
Jul 31 2018
beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
my F/P is a UA I'm not sure how effective is using flame gears for stacking DoTs for mist eruption (since it has a slow cast time and low duration), but I like how it pushes my character to a fire themed side. As for the summon, I use it out of habit, gets crowded.

Too bad I don't like F/P though, I only leveled it to 170ish because she's cute.

@deeemon I did the UA quest on my pally for max soul driver, it was SO good for Chaos PvP and KS wars at galloperas. Slipstream just made both easier.
Aug 01 2018
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