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Who else has planted their character at Sharp Cliff 4?

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Haha I planted my character in the Sharp Cliff 4 map in El Nath so that when I log in tomorrow I can be as close to LHC as I can be. Is anyone else excited enough to do the same? xD
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Im just gona tele there. I let everyone else do the hard work.[/quote]

LOL, I was there already cause of the 2 zruns i helped friends do. XD
Mar 10 2011
StRiKiNgAzN Level 135 Scania Night Lord
I have mine at El Nath.
Mar 10 2011
ikillcow4fun Level 170 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
I'm in El Nath as well. I'll walk up after getting the ring event started and start exploring/testing[/quote]

Dude, I love you're videos =D, f/p all da way.

OT : Im camping at SC4 too
Mar 10 2011
I can't shadowers banned because soloing regular zakum apparently does that to you..[/quote]

Dude that suxs for you I hope your doing alright
Mar 10 2011
im in el nath, but im po'ed that i got dc hacked half way through last body doin zak solo, last time to try without time restraint, got really disappointed
Mar 10 2011
benin2k6 Level 206 Bellocan Bishop
ima just get the evolving ring things first
cuz i have 5 accts so i need to log on for 5 hours a day till i get a bunch of evolving rings
Mar 10 2011
Got my ring, went to the castle, stayed there for an hour, gained 2%, went afk for 5 min, died, lost 2% (at 0), rage quit, logged back in got invited to ani, killed it, went back to el nath, started watching smallville, still watching smallville, replying to this thread.
Mar 10 2011
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