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Who has the most?

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Masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
Welcome to the thread where you can show off your amazing achievements!
Even if you don't think you have the most, feel free to show off what you currently have.

Whenever someone has more, I'll update the featured screenshot.
The screenshots of who has the most is based on my knowledge or by what is posted on this thread.


Monster Collection
[url=]221 Monsters[/url] shota (Broa)

[url=]552 Familiars[/url] Resplice (Khaini)

[url=]240 Medals[/url] LilArrin (Bera)

[url=]135 Permanent Mounts[/url] DelusionDash (Broa)


[url=]64K DEX[/url] TengokuNoUta (Bera)

% Stat
[url=]754% Stat[/url] Santa (Bera)

Soul Summon Damage
[url=]484M Damage[/url] BaldnUgly (Scania)


Guild Contribution
[url=]3.8 Million[/url] Swirlled (Bera)

Legendary Hunter
[url=]19.2 Million Kills[/url] Calcifer (Scania)

Quests Completed
[url=]2733 Quests[/url] LilArrin (Bera)

Honor EXP
[url=]3.7 Million Honor[/url] Laid (Demethos)

Flag Race
[url=]8155 Points[/url] Emcy (Broa)


Best Dojo Time
[url=]5:40 Dojo Time[/url] Jakes (Bera)

Best Tower of Oz Time
[url=]1:00:57 Tower of Oz Time[/url] Misusing (Bera)

If there's anything missing or something I could add, let me know.
I'll be updating by pages. Last update: page 6 July 4, 2016

Also check out the [url=]What Needs to Be Changed Removed or Added[/url] thread.
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Masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
Should I hunt down for people who seem to have the most, or would it be better for you guys to post?
Apr 28 2015
dominion Level 57 Scania Beginner
@Masterobert this thread would be cool to keep updated! You should post that broan with the 182 medals.
[url=]New largest familiar collection[/url]
[url=]Best oz time[/url]
[url=]I'll nominate myself for 2208 quests[/url]
[url=]i123theDemon for 2.3m contribution.. on TWO characters[/url]
Aug 03 2015
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