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Who is still here?

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soulblade Level 216 Windia Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art soulblade is intoSoulBlade
So I decided to check this site and I see that everyone I knew are no longer here. Figured I'd do a roll call to see who is still left.
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capnmurica Level 33 Bera Cleric
Im here baby
Dec 29 2018
colour Level 69 Bera Dark Knight
i want to be a part of it new york new york
Jan 01 2019
draklordkill Level 160 Windia Hero
+1 Many of us are here just lingering through Basil, always trying to find older Screenshots since those are the best ones to review and remember the real fun times haha!
Jan 04 2019
capnmurica Level 33 Bera Cleric
Haha his name is weeb^
Jan 05 2019
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