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Why 2 stat per 10 Lv better than %luk?

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Solous Level 56 Renegades Aran 2
Can someone explain this to me ? People told me that the +2 stat per 10 character lv is better than 7% stat on bonus potential? I tried to do the calculations, but I don't know if Im exactly doing it the proper way. Thank you
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shadowind7 Level 202 Yellonde Battle Mage 4
Well I believe once you get enough %luk, the +2/lvl adds more to it than %luk would. I don't know all the calculations, but I can assume that %luk affects the +2/lvl
Jul 19 2015
lazypando Level 200 Windia Corsair
People who are generally serious about cubing bonus potential stats will have like 400%+ main stat. That 7% translates to somewhere around 1% increase in main stat because it's 7% compared to 500%. Adding +2stat/level when you're level 200+ gives you 40+ main stat which is then multiplied by however much %main stat you have, giving you lots more than 1% increase. I can do the actual calculations if you want more info. ;-;

TLDR: something, something, law of diminishing returns
Jul 19 2015
calabari Level 154 Windia Paladin
@lazypando: +stat per level as far as I know doesn't get multiplied, it's only a flat stat gain.[/quote]

Then obviously it wouldn't be better. +40 more stat is nothing compared to 10% at 1000+ main stat.
Jul 19 2015
I'm 67% sure the 2/10 lines do get increased by % stat.[/quote]

Those statistics. We would have been able to check our stats screens yesterday while we were bonus cubing, but sadly Miracle Time is over. Anyone still optimizing their leg bonus potentials who wants to test this?
Jul 19 2015
lazypando Level 200 Windia Corsair
I am fairly certain %stat does get applied. A few months ago I laid out all my gear/stats/etc on a spreadsheet and was able to come to the exact number of dex/str/int/luk as shown in game.

The stat gain is affected by % stat. The only flat stat gain I know of is inner ability and maybe familiars[/quote]

%stat also doesn't affect character cards
Jul 20 2015

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