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Why I think maplestory is not as played as prev. yrs

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increveisuma Level 120 Bera Demon Avenger 1
Only answer that its' a woman: You don't need a calculator, the color and size of the attack numbers doesn't matter, and another link skill gives 25% attack boost passively instead of a critical attack boost of at least 20% passively. The critical was chosen because... the link skill would, from a demon avenger to chief bandit... entail negative mathematics. The answer to why the person choosing this game fate would not be that it amounts to little to nothing, but rather that the critical link skill path, instead of the 25% passive, as in tan-colored things of attack, might mean that the critical may or may not stack with the equips, but knowing maple it would stack, excepting the real answer critical would most likely already stack enough from the equips less if you would just choose different base parts of your equips such as luk percentage increase in potential, or even selling the critical potted equips to other players instead of using them yourself once the critical percentage you see on your own screen reaches close enough to pass at 95%... and then you would just know to keep the critical equips you have on you as yours, and the other ones to be sold to other players.

I think maplestory would be a much more played and popular game if they only allowed you to use a link skill one on one, so that only the link skill of your lvl 200 character can singularly link to one other character that nexon would hypothetically let you choose with more even skill trait equivalence that you can suspect would entitle your linked character with more advantageous hyper-individuality. And of course this does not currently, but would entail that the link skill could only move towards the later-made linked character and not grant the lvl 200 you used to link your lvl 200 granted link skill with, with another lvl 200 on your account's link skill, so that each lvl 200 character you make on your account could only be linked to a secondary and later-made character that can be the senior-dated and link-giving, but not sharing of the first's, so there are three characters in this scene, lvl 200 link skill trait.
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andreaverilia Level 209 Windia Evan 10th Growth
This game would have stayed popular if they didnt create p2w stuff.

In fact this game started dying when gachapon came out and gachapon was the very least game changer back then.
Oct 13 2016
increveisuma Level 120 Bera Demon Avenger 1
I only mention this because with the upcoming "stem generation" and high school students being mandated to choose their work aptitude as a merchant, human resources, or management through virtual simulation as practice, maple is not too dissimilar, given that we don't know, as older college aged people, whether the new computer technology programs in the high schools work well or is engineered as high as it would be in the generations to come.
Oct 13 2016
slain Level 190 Scania Battle Mage 4
It died ever since post-BIGBANG update patch.
Oct 17 2016
hicreation Level 150 Khaini Bishop
@andreaverilia: way off, game started dying when potentials came out/post big bang, the remake of everything + plus P2W just made everything go down hill
Oct 17 2016
maplystorie Level 142 Scania Night Lord
+1 They can do things to bring more people in but they are too lazy and greedy to bother. One thing that would be nice is to bring back the PVP system and implement pvp items that are achievable by doing pvp, you cant just pay to win them. They also need to make pqs viable again by either increasing end of pq rewards and exp so its not a dumb grind quest where you dont finish. Bring back party vs party quests like ghost ship pq and cpq, the removal of competition vs other people from the game has made it 50x less fun. Part of what made maplestory great was the mix of social dynamics with questing/grinding but nexon has taken that mix and stomped it into the ground, you now have people who are only doing it for social stuff (heneh0es) and people who pay to win to be able to solo everything in the game in 2 seconds neither of which is very fun in those extremes. The game has become too catered to casuals and there is no competition between the players, if this was the route nexon/wizet wanted to take from the beginning they should have just made maplestory a singleplayer game through a client like steam so you can message people.
Oct 27 2016

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