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Why Is Suicide Considered Cowardly?

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ChildsPlay Level 50 Windia Cleric
Why? Death and the process of dying are considered terrifying by most people, and yet the people who decide to face death on their own terms are considered cowards? I don't get it.
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LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
Because they won't man up and deal with life head on, instead they choose to run away from it.

That's what I believe people who label those who suicide as cowards would say (or along the lines of anyway). I personally don't really care if someone chooses to take their life, it's their choice really and I'll respect that choice.
Apr 29 2013
Dorks Level 215 Bera Night Lord AUniversityO Guild See what games, anime & art Dorks is intoDorks
Because they can't accept who they are or confront whatever problems they may be having so they give up on life. It's not facing death imo, it's running away forever and leaving the baggage to their family and friends.
Apr 29 2013
ChildsPlay Level 50 Windia Cleric
@LEGENDairy: Doesn't thought like that kinda distance oneself from other's suffering though? It just seems flawed to me. It takes guts and a lot of planning/reconciling to go through with that kind of thing.
Apr 29 2013
ChildsPlay Level 50 Windia Cleric
@ReplyTranie : I forgot that a lot of people on this website take Social Darwinism seriously.
@Dorks : Have you ever felt suicidal? How would you know that's what they're thinking?
Apr 29 2013
SecretSanctuary Level 200 Windia Bishop
Rather than cowardly, it's more often seen around as criticising people's life.
People ususally call it a cowardly act, 'cause it's seen as a form of escaping dangerous and unpleasant situations in their lives and lack the courage to face these sorts of problems. It's also in my case, what I would call a permanent act of resolving a problem, and there is definitely no going back on it.
Suiciding, in many ways, can also be seen as a selfish act, as no one dies alone. And causes much sufferings to those around them who cares for the person.
And even if I didn't know the person, and to hear them die (suicidal act or not) it still leaves me feel a hint of sadness. How can one, not feel the sorrow of one life gone? Let alone a life taken away intentionally by one self? It makes people wonder what sort of situation had happen to that deceased, that made him/her find that there are no solutions in the world, but to approach death? No one feels over-joyed by knowing something like that? How do you expect someone to give a positive comment on someone's suicide? And how can any death, by suicide be a honorable one?

Edit: And of course, everyone in the world have their own problems to face, and everyone have problems that they find hard to live with, but if that's the case, should everyone approach death? If that's the case, how would you think the world would be, if death is the best option to resolve every seemingly dead-end situations?
And I am well aware, that these sort of rationality doesn't work on those who are already suffering mental illnesses, however, we can always learn to prevent from falling way too deep and into the depth beyond self-saving. Still, even with or without mental illnesses, it really depends on the severity of their mental capabilities. And sometimes, these sort of rational thinking could wake some sense in them, and provide a step forward to positive thinking. I don't see how there is no way but death, that can solve a problem. 'Cause clearly the problem is not solved, even if the person dies, it only ends for only that deceased. And I can't see how it is impossible for someone with sever mental illness, to not recover back to their sanity. I have only the best faith in hope that people could learn from their experiences and make it better. No matter how bad the situations are, there is always something in this world.

Also, this topic, is far too complex for my human mind. I don't think I am capable to cover all of everything to this suicide topic, 'cause it is specific and different for everyone. I can't say I know everything, but I believe that death should not be a form of resolution, and if you need help, seek for it... do not by any means wait for help to come to you, it sometimes doesn't... what if help doesn't come? Do you seek death? NO! Seek for help, and if there's still no assistance, seek for help again and again and again and again, til you find the happy ending that you are happy with. Don't give up and keep on persevering, 'cause no journey like this is an easy one, don't even expect it to be easy, 'cause it isn't. Seriously, everyone have at least face one sort of situation that they find it hard to bear with, so don't even think you are the only one with the world against you, 'cause you're not. And you're not alone.
Apr 29 2013
Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
Pretty much what @Dorks said.
Even if I get suicidal at a point I'd never do it because I don't want to hurt anyone in the process, doing it would be cowardly and selfish as believe it or not people do actually care for you, unless you have absolutely no one in your life.
Apr 29 2013
Telatsu Level 145 Demethos Night Lord
It's only considered cowardly by the people who don't understand the mental anguish and accompanying disease that goes along with the mentality that you truly, wholeheartedly believe the world is better off without you.

IE: "They were too weak to deal with the world" whereas it's more of the notion that the world would be better if they were not in it.

[Edit] It's important to make a distinction between the people who use suicidal tendences as a cry for help and those who are suffer from mental illness that pushes them towards suicide. Often, those who use it as a cry for help do not fully intend to kill themselves or believe they will be saved before they do. Those with illness often go for ways that are the most likely to end their lives, usually without warning.

Of course there are those who are still developing, usually adolescents, who, usually with underlying issues including whatever made them bring it to the surface, are oft incapable of dealing with trauma. This is seen in the recent publicized teen deaths because of bullying. These teens were likely predisposed towards mental illness or in the case of the recent teen death, suffer from trauma(Most likely PTSD) due to an incident in their lives. (In the recent case, rap3.)
Apr 29 2013
Bioshocked Level 199 Renegades Xenon 4
Offing yourself and leaving your family, friends, loved ones, ect to grieve and deal with what you couldn't is selfish. I think it is tragic that people kill themselves, and I know that some of them could have been prevented had the people who know them took them seriously and got them help.
Apr 29 2013
Offing yourself and leaving your family, friends, loved ones, ect to grieve and deal with what you couldn't is selfish. I think it is tragic that people kill themselves, and I know that some of them could have been prevented had the people who know them took them seriously and got them help.[/quote]
Is it really selfish when you think that these people would be better off without you?
Apr 29 2013
Wanton Level 197 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art Wanton is intoWanton
Because when you kill yourself you are running away, trying to use death as an escape. You lack the courage to live and challenge the problems in your life. Basically something like that.
Apr 29 2013
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