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Why You Might Want to Re-make Your Warrior from Scratch

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increveisuma Level 120 Bera Demon Avenger 1
You might have missed it, but the hob goblin pq was only for ten levels, being lvl 150-160, which means you could have leveled past the job reccomendations by accident at temple of time for example: The hob goblin pq gives a 10% hp boost so it can be scrolled as ur end-game equipment accessory. Plus, if you're a demon avenger who uses hp as ur attack stat really, then I checked and it boosts ur att, the 10% hp earrings do, by 2k at level 150, which means it could be an or 2 passed extra scrolls on a perfect end-game weapon that you would essentially pay billions of mesos for anyhow. So yeah, high hp, meaning typically warrior-class people might want to look into this, just informing you maplers. That's all. bTW THEY CHANGED, NEXON DID, CHANGED THE HP CAP TO 99,999K, SO it doesn't matter if this means nothing to you since you thought you reached the cap, being 30k hp in the old days.
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