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Why are 3 STR Neos pants so expensive?

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i've seen 2 auctions for 3% Green/Blue neos pants, bove have gone way above 60m. and currently there is one for 54m. I couldn't sell 3% LUK thief pants for 15m if i tried for weeks. Why are these selling for so much ?
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dang really? i just sold 3%str pants
Nov 22 2011
dataforce Level 121 Chaos Cannoneer 4

Really? There's an exploit on that?
Holy... Wow... Gotta try it (lol).
Nov 22 2011
thers an exploit u can turn 3%str items into 21% attack items by talking to chief stan in hen[/quote]
Rofl, troll..
Nov 22 2011
Hey guys, neat exploit here. Jump off a bridge and your potentials turn to 50% pdr!
also, lol at all the people rushing to hene to try it...
Nov 22 2011
overalldk Level 200 Scania Dark Knight
tried with 6% str pants got 42% attack
Nov 22 2011
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