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Why did Nexon Nerf Lhc?

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CaptCandy Level 200 Bera Phantom 4
It's not OP at all. With the PQ revamp, we'll have a bunch of people leeching through those PQ's giving possibly more exp than LHC leech.
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shalazaar Level 200 Scania Mercedes 4
Theres BOUND to be other areas to train now besides LHC. Just wait and soon enough theres gonna be a new LHC type plcae to go and train haha
Jun 20 2013
To watch us Q.Q
It worked.
Jun 20 2013
stop complaining, **every other version** has had LHC/LKC party play removed for months, even years.

LKC exp was unfair in a sense that you were there Level 110-165, it made other places look like crap and also discourage .

Anyway be grateful we have party play HoH and Twilight Perion which KMS also doesn't have
Jun 20 2013
DarkQuill Level 200 Bera Shadower
This is only good if you still get a free Mastery Book at the end of the questline.
Regardless though, this pretty much makes LKC a dead area. Almost no one will go there anymore.
Jun 20 2013
FiendOverlord Level 203 Broa Buccaneer
Speigelmann is lonely in his monster park.
Jun 20 2013
iceychill2 Level 144 Scania I/L Arch Mage
the amount of exp earned at LHC was easily higher than that of any other method at that level. now people are forced to actually explore a little.
Jun 20 2013
How exactly do you leech through a PQ? At LHC, you could leech overnight and sleep at the same time. At a PQ, you can't do that or you'll die.
Jun 20 2013
I don't get it either... LHC was extremely popular, if anything they should have just gotten rid of the quests that prevented people from going to bearwolves and such. Honestly evo world is better exp but it has a limit and isn't much for party play when people fight for coins.
Jun 20 2013
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