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Why does America live like this?

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Before, survival of the fittest was the term. You had to be able to survive with the necessary skills. To hunt, to avoid danger, to live off the land,...
Who changed America? Who wanted this kind of lifestyle and why did he do it?

My guess is...t0 be safe. However, people who are fit can survive without money. So why? Why make everyone live like this?
To use money for everything. That's how I see our lifestyle as.
Was it a person who wasn't safe, and rather instead of having survival skills unlike people with survival skills that were more common back then than today decided to work everyday, doing the same thing for money to buy the things survival skills had offered? Even if that was true, then why? People are still fit as of today. Why did America want to make everyone use money to survive by workforce when there was people who can survive on their own? Survival skills?

The real question is? Why does America choose to live a life where they devote all of their free time in the workforce to survive when there are other alternatives? Many, many alternatives. A mix of survival skills and the workforce seems ideal to me. you have more free time with this type than being completely into the workforce with only 1 or 3 weeks of free time PER YEAR.
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Vicariously Level 100 Windia Kanna 4
The real question is? Why does America choose to live a life where they devote all of their free time in the workforce to survive when there are other alternatives? Many, many alternatives. A mix of survival skills and the workforce seems ideal to me. you have more free time with this type than being completely into the workforce with only 1 or 3 weeks of free time PER YEAR.[/quote]
Not everyone wants the same thing in life. A while ago, there was a Basiler who would rather work 70 hours a week than live with his parents and have all the free time in the world. People simply value different things, and they want to do different things. Measuring the quantity of free time someone has is a very poor way to measure the amount of freedom a person has. Not everyone values free time.
The fact of the matter is, there isn't one way everyone should live their life in order to survive. If you think that your way of life is better than everyone else's, then by all means say whatever you want because you have freedom of speech. Just don't force anyone to do anything. If they want to dedicate their life to the market economy and only have 1 week of free time per year, who cares? I don't care.
May 30 2013
koeipope213 Level 120 Scania Dawn Warrior 4
Because working offers so much more varieties than surviving on your own. If everyone devoted their life to doing the same thing, there would have less varieties of food, drinks, entertainment systems etc. And people just happened to apreciate that kind of convieniency over devoting their entire day worrying about survival. Keep in mind that you could live however you like. If you wanted to live off of hunting, go right ahead. But telling the entire country to live the way you like is just plain selfish.
May 30 2013
If you think its not awesome, stop using the internet. Stop living in your house and letting your parents work their asses off in a society where you believe is not fair.

Go to your nearest forest and make a living of your own. There are people that live in the wilderness alone and make their own homes and such.

If not, shut up and stop making these retarded threads because you have no idea what in the hell you are talking about.[/quote]

So what do you think about the majority of America who are in the workforce live to a single subject, 50 weeks per year? For the sole purpose of money, having only 1-3 weeks of free time? You think this is awesome? I think its miserable.
May 30 2013
That's how life goes. If people want to meet the quota for demand of certain goods or services in the country, it needs to be done.

As for money, you keep saying money is the problem in the nation but there has always been a barter system and money both historically and presently has proven itself to be the most useful when it comes down to trading goods.

If you want something that you can't produce or do that someone else can, you need to trade with him aka using money.

Like I said, if you want to live the life you so wish to desire, go out and live in the forest. If not, that's how the world works.[/quote]

How about a mix of both? The freedom to obtain money whenever you please as long as you offer your services. The freedom to have an adequate amount of free time to obtain happiness. If you're out of money, you will be okay as long as you have survival skills since humans truly need only water and food to survive. Of course, there are other ways to obtain money without offering your services.
and...I'm not saying money is a problem in the nation. I'm saying the amount of freedom we have is a problem. The majority of America devotes all of their free time to obtain the money to survive. To buy their survival skills. If this is the case, then why don't we teach America survival skills?
May 30 2013
How much money? Some jobs take much more time to be good at and some jobs require much more risk than others. You can't just say, give someone as much money as they want, that's a joke. If the world worked like that, you would see an economic breakdown. Human nature in general does not allow it to happen. More incentives = more work/risk I'm willing to take for it. I don't think you have a clue what you are talking about involving yourself into this topic... Obtain money to survive? You are free to go into the forest and make your living like some people in the country. Nothing is stopping you.[/quote]

The majority of America depends on their money to survive. But if this was the case, then why is it so lowly priced? and why are things like cars so highly priced? Its because of the amount of money jobs can offer. If we lower that amount of money, then would things be a lot cheaper? Would houses be a lot cheaper if everyone was NOT working? Would the pay be less? Right now, all of america are aiming to be a part of the work force. The demand is extremely high. The supply is extremely high because of the demand for the workforce is extremely high. But what if we taught people how to survive on their own? To be independant, and not dependant on money. Would less and less people live their lives in the workforce and rather, live for happiness?
May 30 2013
I don't think you understand the benefits of working. If people didn't work, our lives would suck. You want to know why people changed lifestyles? Because we want to be able to do something during the day other than hunting for food desperately to survive. Yes, we spend like 8 hours a day working, but it's better than spending it starving hunting for food. Then when we get home, we have our nice developed lives to return to that's all thanks to the fact that people work and built it. It's ur choice, run around in the woods all day, or work for 8 or so hours, come home and live a MUCH more luxurious life.[/quote]

Fish is easy. All you need is a fishing pole. There is a lot of fish. You can eat as much fish as you want. I do not understand. You have all the luxury at home, but no time to enjoy it. And won't you get bored of seeing the same thing, doing the same thing, living in the same thing?
May 31 2013
@Zacktsu: ok, where are you going to get a fishing pole? If no one works, then who's going to produce them? You wouldn't have a luxury home at all if you didn't work because you need people who work to build it. Even if you didn't work, you'd still have to go fishing all day or hunting.[/quote]

why not have people working and people not working? a Cycle that repeats itself when a person wants to stop working? I want to change America. The lifestyle.
I believe we should have people traveling the world. Enjoying Earth. AND people who stay in one spot. We do though, but the type of educational system in America expresses that money is the ultimate goal. Do good in school to get into a college and find a job of your interest that you will do for the rest of your life to support yourself with comfort and food. You will work until you eat and then until you sleep. You will have only 1 or 3 weeks of free time. You will do this until you retire.
In school we learn how to communicate which is good. We learn the basic subjects of life which is also good. But what about how to survive out there? Why is High school about college based subjects? The same subjects we learned as a kid, but in a more hard form.
May 31 2013
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