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Why have fafnirs drop in price?

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SnappleApplezz Level 165 Bera Blade Master
I bought a clean unique faf katara for 700m before and now a clean one with no pot is only 30-60m clean (BERA)

Is there some new weapons that people go to now?
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fatman696969 Level 130 Chaos Demon Slayer 4
I saw fafnir one hand hammer with no potential for 3 mill
Oct 13 2014
SnappleApplezz Level 165 Bera Blade Master
A unique is now 30-60m? What the hell?[/quote]

Nope, a clean one no pot. Mistake
Oct 13 2014
5mules, 1 killer.[/quote]

Dead Mules get items?
Oct 13 2014
Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
Dead Mules get items?[/quote]
U've never done CRA have you?
Oct 13 2014
@Doutei: Honestly no, been in comma to maple for 2 years still trying to feel my way around. Oh great maple sennin please illuminate my inferior mind. (Please)
Oct 13 2014
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