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Why is she always there!? Screen

By skarnica

Nov 12 2010 This joke has been told many times, but I never saw anyone do a picture of this joke. Enjoy!!

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lol, why u mad tho?
Nov 12 2010
idoed Level 141 Broa Corsair
Im sad to say but monsters have no reproduction organs.
Nov 12 2010
sapphirebird Level 180 Galicia Aran 4
well, at least mushdad could track her every time, but he'll never know where she really is since she's always at someone else's house :x
sucks for him, cuz he had his hyper body ready..
/sucky-ness of my post x_x
Nov 12 2010
lol took me a while to get it cause i didnt see the bottom
*pats mushdad* its ok~
Nov 12 2010
Miauri Level 210 Khaini Buccaneer
Im sad to say but monsters have no reproduction organs.[/quote]

i dont think you get the joke. Mushdad is mad because Mushmom (his wife) is at someone elses house. She is cheating on him
Nov 12 2010

Nov 12 2010
If you don't get it, read the chat box (since it's kind of unnoticeable)
Nov 12 2010
Luls xD
I didn't get it at first, but then I saw the chat box
Nice ^u^~!
Nov 13 2010

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