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Why no love for buccaneers?

Buccaneer Forum Talk about Brawler, Marauder and Buccaneer

damiantaps Level 95 Reboot Sniper
I read some topics, but still don't know why people don't like buccaneers and think they are weak ( especially at bossing). I want try him, but want to know some things.

1) Looks like he have amazing mobbing skills, because of veeery long range, but people still saying they are not that good.

2) They will get very nice buff soon (15% dmg > 30% att and 100% final attack from nautilus).

3) I know DPS charts are not best to show class potential, but they are still in the middle, higher than Shade.

4) Korean devs, when giving him buffs, said he is hard class. Can you tell me why? Charge is hard to gain/keep? Close range attacks? Because he must spam his hyper to maintain crit buff? Or there is other reason?

I looking for class that is good at mobbing and bossing, but also not too hard and without need for many skills to use (thats why I don't like WH, because of his jag skills). Bucc looks good, but I want some opinions ( I tried DS, but he is too weak at bossing, sadly).
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ourania Level 123 Aquila Thunder Breaker 2
+1 1) It used to be a very interesting class before Nexon decided to make it a super bland class
2) His damage is highly inconsistent since he relies on energy charge, pirate's revenge, dice and whatnot a lot
3) Typhoon crush put it in an awkward position in pdr section
4) See 1) again
5) Thunder breaker and shade are arguably the better knuckle users
6) His kamehameha is actually quite slow and it relies on energy charge to have long horizontal range
7) He doesn't has a lot of utilities when comes to bossing aside from good unfunded damage. Some may argue it just needs control like our beloved heroes but I won't comment on whether if these classes actually lack utilities or it's a user control problem
8) See 1) again
Feb 13 2016
helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
I have mained a buccaneer both before and after the change. I really love the class, of course it used to be better, but because I have played one for so long, it is the only class that I am used to.

But yeah the changes to buccaneer turned many people away from it. Yes, our damage varies greatly due to the fact that we have charge and roll of the dice, but I play the class because it is what I like, and that is all that matters.
Feb 13 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
I've mained a Buccaneer for a long while now; Nexon really hasn't addressed the problems behind the class in a significant manner, and they're no good at balancing it. Long answer short, if you're looking for an EFFECTIVE class, don't pick a Buccaneer; if you like their play-style, then play it, because it'll keep you playing and enjoying yourself longer.

Buccaneers have meh mobility. Most other classes have more reliable methods to move around that aren't on cool-downs with superior range to boot; our vertical mobility is as poor as ever, and due to the way our animation cancelling works we're pretty vulnerable when it's down, and we weren't in a good place to start with.

Buffs don't matter as much when the core issues that plague Buccaneers continue to exist. More damage does NOT fix our problems unless it propels us far beyond what other classes are capable of; this hasn't happened yet, and it won't because Nexon can't balance properly. Damage charts don't matter as much as some people think, but the problem is that most damage charts have 'punching bag' damage per second; this means the maximum damage your class can do in an optimal circumstance(Buccaneers have too many unreliable and luck-based buffs to do optimal damage; Dice, Typhoon Crush, Energy Charge, Pirate's Revenge, Nautilus...) and they usually don't take having to evade attacks into consideration. Buccaneers have poor defensive abilities, so this further hampers their damage as they have to react sooner and are at risk of death more often whilst on the offensive.

Buccaneers are hard because they're a poorly designed class; originally, they used to be hard because maintaining invincibility frames and chaining your skills properly was difficult. Since the change, they're more hard because of lackluster mechanics that go against them, rather than a raw skill-gap or requirement; when a class lacks the tools that are commonly needed to succeed in such a huge way, they're going to be hard to play because you're essentially playing gimped.
Feb 14 2016
soggybread Level 168 Galicia Battle Mage 4
My point still stands
Feb 14 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
+1 @believemenot I'm willing to guess you just looked up a DPS chart and then blindly assume that every class falls exactly into that position when they only take into account raw damage per second instead of practical damage per second(Which is far harder to calculate on any boss worth doing). Shades are by far the better bosser not only due to their team utility(Speed Infusion is a moot skill due to its decent form allowing almost all classes to hit the speed cap with it), but due to more reliable self-healing, defensive skills, mobility and overall safer method of dealing damage.

Next time you make a false statement, at least try and back it up; I mean... you might as well say gibberish; it'd end up being more true than your current statement.
Feb 15 2016
noblequality Level 210 Scania Hero
Buccaneers used to be the GOD of Iframe that is until... Nexon took away their Barrage. Oh how i miss Corkscrew Punch+Barrage+ Dragon Strike combo.
Feb 16 2016
believemenot Level 200 Bera Bishop
if u put same gear on bucc and shade, bucc would outdamage shade. Remember guys shade only has 5% crit..
Feb 17 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
@believemenot I can't tell if you're actually serious or not. If you are, you should probably get some common sense; Shade has a skill that gives them a large chance of critical hits after an enemy dips below a certain health, and you literally hinged your ENTIRE argument on that one aspect. I'm willing to bet you're the same kind of person who would go "Arans have top tier damage because they hit high numbers!"... when they really, really don't.

Just because a class hits high numbers does NOT mean its damage output is good; if anything, those classes tend to be gimped compared to Hurricane classes due to the damage cap. 5% critical chance doesn't mean that Shades output bad damage; if anything, it means that Shade has a LOT of room to grow their damage output for the first 50% of a fight, and they're still out-damaging Buccaneers in terms of total numbers.

If you believe Shades are worse than Buccaneers(Or that Buccaneers aren't a horrible class, balance wise), you're about as incompetent at balancing as Nexon's team, so it's no surprise that you think Buccaneers are in a relatively good place.
Feb 17 2016
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