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Why u do dis Nexon? Screen

By weredoggy

weredoggy Level 200 Scania Mihile 4
Sep 15 2015 I couldn't get this on any of my mains, just my fricking mule Cannoneer and this

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weredoggy Level 200 Scania Mihile 4
what are you trying to hide?
we can still see your name[/quote]

Nah, i was using the screenshot function from Windows 10 and it cropped out the bottom by itself cuz I have to be in windowed mode. My name is nothing to be ashamed of.
Sep 16 2015
stevenman76 Level 211 Broa Hero Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art stevenman76 is intostevenman76
cropping is effectively **removing** a section of an image or item (ie. crop top)
blacking out information in order to gain a false sense of security however, is not "cropping"

with love,
basil's resident new media god[/quote]

Sep 17 2015
weredoggy Level 200 Scania Mihile 4
@wall: then i have no clue on what my computer did and why i need a false sense of security on a website about a 2D f2p game
Sep 17 2015

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