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Wild hunter Screen

By ItsHenri

ItsHenri Level 183 Windia Night Lord
Nov 10 2010 LOL i liked the new npc for the wild hunter job so i decided to do a sketch of her, i forgot to sketch in her hat so i drew it in digitally :S


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The neck is a bit long but nice overall.
Nov 10 2010
iEatApples Level 148 Mardia Hero
Nov 11 2010
Jesus you're good. Shading is good, hands are awesome, body anatomy (The profile head view seems slightly too large though.), and the overall piece.

Only flaw is her chest. A button up shirt doesn't wrap around that snug around them (At least from what I've seen >.>. They would be well drawn if she was actually shirtless (Not implying I would want that >.>.

But aside from that, this is awesome.
Nov 11 2010
Webbs Level 90 Scania Hermit
thts good
Nov 11 2010
You're more than talented friend. She fits my feti)sh of being 2d.
Nov 11 2010

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