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Will 156000 more threads be made before basil dies out?

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UglierBetty Level 90 Broa Crusader
Thread #2000000 was created almost 3.5 years ago now.
So an average of about 240k threads in one year... but activity has died down, so the relation is obviously not linear.

What do you guys think? Will we reach thread #3000000 before basil dies out for good?
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xDracius Level 150 Khaini
Nah, there are some oddly persistent people here.
Basil will die after Maple dies, but it'll last a bit longer.
Sep 21 2014
DarkOdor Level 220 Broa Phantom 4
Yeah. I play maple once a week or so now (and only stay on for like 5 min?) and i still go on basil almost everyday. I remember thread #1m's been forever
Sep 21 2014
PerfectSight Level 31 Scania Spearman Exalted Guild See what games, anime & art PerfectSight is intoPerfectSight
Probably not since people here will get a job and stuff and live the ''real life'' + maple story is dying.
Actually, Idk.
Sep 21 2014
ZombieOverlord Level 85 Scania White Knight
if MS2 becomes a popular game basil will grow again
if MS2 flops everything will die[/quote]
The fact that they even need to make a sequel already shows that its dying.
Sep 21 2014

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