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Will 25Star flames make Absolab overall good?

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So we got flames, we got the 151+ tier potentials.

If we get 25 stars it seems like absolab pushes CRA and tyrant out of the picture, actually I'm not too sure on one thing.

What about the absolab overall? Is it better than CRA top+bottom if 25stars come in? Consider their set effects and the other CRA/absolab set pieces. Ignore SW because nobody knows how that will play out.

Sure CRA has 2x potentials and more scroll slots, but absolab could have 25stars on top of their better flames and higher tier potential. High star absolabs make tyrants obsolete for endgame, so it's not like CRA is good to make room for tyrant anymore.
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Will 25Star flames make Absolab overall good?

100%3 / 3CRA top+bottom
0%0 / 3Absolab overall


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