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Will 2x drop stack with 3x drop event?

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ResireMC Level 192 Scania Mercedes 4
Like the title infers, if I buy 2x drop coupon from the CS then will it stack with the 3x christmas drop?, and also will the 2x drop buff from everybody in event stack?, and possibly the spider familiar?
Posted: December 2013 Permalink


Lamato Level 233 Windia Shadower SquishyNoobs Guild
First, no. 3x from events and 2x cards from CS do not stack (not to mention that 2x cards are apparently glitched atm). Second, I believe the 3x and 2x from the bigwig event can stack. Finally, any exp buff that shows up with your regular buffs WILL be canceled out by the drop familiar so don't take out your spider familiar.
Dec 25 2013
Pacifist Level 200 Bera Night Lord
so that'd be like 8x drop.

familiars never stack, they always cancel. so do family buffs
Dec 25 2013
h3llfire Level 214 Scania Xenon 4 Culture Guild
Just a fair warning 2x exp coupons from cs arent working atm so we dont know if drop coupons from cs will work also.
Dec 25 2013

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