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Will PvP ever come back?

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AnthonysWill Level 62 Bellocan Blaze Wizard 1
Read the title.

I miss running away from Paladins and BaMs.
I miss getting owned by Shadowers with their assaulter and smokescreen.
I miss getting turned into a snail by a bishop.
I miss getting owned by all the mages.
I miss getting Shadow Webbed by Nightlords.
I miss 1HKOing all the archer classes. They were yummy targets to rack up points on.
I miss 1HKOing Corsairs. Their Defense, avoid, and HP were low = defenseless target.
I do not miss Demon Slayer's OPed Demon's Cry. That should be removed.
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PvP is just simply the main reason why I continuously played Maple, struggling for over 100+ emblems on an extremely vulnerable character with displeasing damage, and when I had pretty much no friends to support me during school season. PvP was my maple life, and I can not forget the lovely memories I have made during the first and second versions. I will await for its third return and I will absolutely try it out and accustom to it, like I did with the second one. Now, I have hopped mains back and forth and finally landed on a character, which I hope to have it try PvP on.
Sep 22 2013
pokeystick1 Level 220 Scania Hayato 4
..Not for another year. Even KMS didn't get their pvp back beside a new crappy one (which doesn't count).

In the meantime, enjoy this [url=]nostalgia of pvp...[/url][/quote]

omg! i remember your all servers pvp tournament. that was epic!
i miss pvp too
Sep 22 2013
grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
flame Gear the whole Map
Sep 22 2013
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