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Will buccs be dead when striker comes?

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Rimkii Level 206 Bera Marksman
Just like bowmasters will be to wind archers?
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Resmiles Level 156 Windia Mercedes 4
I don't think so. Like when jett came out people still played sairs, so I think it'll be the same as that.
Mar 27 2013
Darkstar764 Level 200 Windia Buccaneer
I mean Buccs are still very different from TBs, so its a matter of choice. Yea imma be makin a tb just to try it out if i like it ill prob play it sometimes, i mean my knuckle is 100% xferable so im fine.
Mar 27 2013
Sous Level 155 Galicia Aran 4
They'll die the exact same way Heroes did when Mikhail came out.
Mar 27 2013
MizuiChan Level 209 Galicia Buccaneer Justaway Guild
If we could stand being literally the least effective class from the several months from the post-BB era up until Mutiny, I'm sure we'll still be sticking around for quite some time.
Mar 27 2013
To be honest, I think it will die. I get where everyone is coming from, but many buccs complain about not having FJ. Just that itself made me reconsider moving to TB. Then their chain system, along with faster and smoother moves, just sweetened the deal.
Mar 27 2013
Chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
Thunder Breaker play style is completely different from what Buccaneer looks like. Wind Archer to Bowmaster is a more plausible comparison because both use hurricane, however Thunder Breaker plays like a Dual Blade, judging from the skills.
Mar 28 2013
I see no reason why we would see this as a disadvantage..,let people be TB if they want to, it will just make buccs more rare
Mar 28 2013
xDracius Level 150 Khaini
How do you kill something that's already dead?
Last time I saw a Bucc that wasn't a henehoe was back before Big Bang.
Mar 28 2013
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