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Will they ever fix Hayato?

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It's getting to the point of a major annoyance.
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Inuzuka Level 204 Khaini Hero
whats wrong with you?
Sep 13 2013
Anthoy84 Level 196 Broa Zero Transcendent
Let me direct you to the Kanna and Jett sections.
Sep 13 2013
All the "exclusive classes" of GMS (Jett) and KMS (Hayato/Kanna) get no love from Nexon lol.
No hypers, often plagued with glitches, no attention during patches.

Heck, Sweeping Sword's camera glitch has never been addressed since its release as well as willow dodge's messed up activation. With the additional bugs to dodge rate and Falcon Dive, Hayato is becoming almost unplayable. As much as I hope they will deal with these problems soon, I seriously doubt they will.
Sep 13 2013
A case of bad luck perhaps? Go shad!
Sep 13 2013
ask nexon not basilmarket
Sep 14 2013
Fix what?[/quote]

[url=]Unadressed bug report on the official forums[/url]
Sep 14 2013
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