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Will world transfer ever come back?

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slayermayhem Level 40 Bera Hayato 2
yesssssss when is it i want to move to bera lol horrible population in broa -.-
Aug 26 2015
masdevour Level 207 Broa Blade Master
I'll ask.
Aug 26 2015
trumpet205 Level 205 Windia Aran 4
Side note where would you move?
Aug 26 2015
bioniclema93 Level 205 Khaini Aran 4
I don't get why people do world transfers. You lose all your character cards, link skills, you don't know a single person in the server you're movi worldngmoving to, and the world with the best fm prices isn't even available to transfer to.
Aug 26 2015
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