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Will you change your ign?

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ielmo Level 250 Bera Night Walker 4 BIackbean Guild
I'll probably try to get something short and simple but I haven't thought about what yet...
Posted: October 2015 Permalink

Will you change your ign?

80%20 / 25Yes
20%5 / 25No
0%0 / 25Maybe


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silverfoxr Level 200 Bera Hero
My girlfriend wanted to change the name of her original character (I/L) in order to give it to her new main (Evan) when the class came out, not knowing that the name was attatched to the original character. With the new event, she's either going to give the name to her Evan like she wanted or restore her old name... which is pretty cool, since it was 4 letters =p

As for me, I began naming my characters with a simple convention (which also helped make things easier when trying to make a new name for a new character)... but 3 of my characters do not follow the convention (as they are all very old characters, like my Hero). So, I'm going to pick the one I like the least and change it to fit the convention... probably my Bishop.
Oct 03 2015
fallenlondon Level 117 Broa Mechanic 4
Maybe? I'm happy with my name now, and I'm also drawing a blank when it comes to thinking of anything better. The answer is probably obvious, but if we change our name that means our old one is freed up to be reused, right?
Oct 03 2015
scarredhero Level 11 Scania
ha nice try u not gunna snipe my ign!
Oct 03 2015
dbenbaruk Level 197 Scania Bow Master
ha nice try u not gunna snipe my ign![/quote]

nobody want your ign babay
Oct 03 2015
shusei Level 215 Zenith Blade Master
yes i wan a nice 1 word ign
Oct 03 2015
gregz Level 10 Scania Legend
Oct 03 2015
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