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Windows 7 Won't start

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MudkipPiratez Level 240 Scania Angelic Buster 4 See what games, anime & art MudkipPiratez is intoMudkipPiratez
I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and when I try starting maple after the patch nothing comes up Direct or Website launch.

I see MapleStory.exe in processes when it launches then it just closes itself without any message what so ever.

Maple worked fine previous patch.
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tyuo99 Level 187 Windia Phantom 4
same problem now, but its nothing new. just reinstall. this happened to me b4
May 17 2011
my friend seems to have the same problem.. o-o
May 17 2011
Antigifites Level 202 Khaini Angelic Buster 4
Same problem here seems to happen every other patch/update screw nexon.
May 17 2011
aznsoldi3r Level 182 Khaini Marksman
Are you guys blocking it through your firewall? If so, disable it by going to control panel > system and security > windows firewall and let it go through your firewall. If it's not blocked by your firewall, have you tried running your MapleStory through gamelauncher? To do so, right click your MapleStory icon, click on properties, and on the line where it says "Target: _________" change it to "C:NexonMapleStoryGameLauncher.exe" if it's not like that yet without the quotations. Hope this helps.
May 17 2011
nothing happened.
May 17 2011
Hey guys if you go to your maplestory folder left click the game launcher and the maplestory.exe and then unlick compatibility then it should work. thats how i got mine to work =)
May 17 2011
pinkwad Level 189 Khaini Bishop
It doesn't work for me either. When I click game start, the hackshield doesn't come up.. I'm not sure if this would work normally but I went to the Maplestory file and clicked on gamelauncher, and a message popped up saying "Cannot locate the game installation path. Please check the installation." So maybe that's it, but I'm not sure how to fix it.
May 17 2011
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