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Winter (update) is coming! Screen

By toad

toad Level 200 Bera Battle Mage 4
Nov 21 2012 So, the winter is coming with this mysterious guy. Who is he?

He is wearing a coat with skulls on his shoulder..a two-handed sword on his back..his body appearence is the same as Demon Slayer (hair, eyes color, skin color) nails... On his coat's sleeves there is a little bat-form symbol...

For me, he is related to Demon Slayer...maybe is family...maybe not...but this guy looks like a Boss, not a playable class...

So, what YOU guys think about it?

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monte6091 Level 180 Scania Hero
Father maybe..? Or a clone the black wings could have made.
Or Damian.
Nov 22 2012
MsxMama Level 145 Scania Dark Knight
looks like a young von leon but i'm most likely wrong.. lol
Mar 30 2013

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