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Wondroid event

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flint Level 175 Reboot Buccaneer
Hi, this is my first time doing the wondroid event. What items should I aim to get (excluding Wondroid/Glimmering Heart)? If an equip can be eventually replaced by a better equip, I would like to avoid spending coins on it. Any tips/advice on doing this event to maximize the benefits?
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ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I'd go for the shoulderpad since it's account tradeable, so you can use it on mules. This is assuming I didn't misread it last event, it could easily be tradeable once.
Feb 01 2018
flint Level 175 Reboot Buccaneer
Thank you! Can a wondroid access the shop like orchiroid or lotusroid?
Feb 01 2018
srurtuphr Level 218 Scania I/L Arch Mage See what games, anime & art srurtuphr is intoSrurtuphr
@beefly: I diagree, I think the level 120 equip set is pretty good for legion mules.

@flint Nope, Wondroids don't have access to a shop. They added new Wondroids this time, but if they didn't change anything then these roids basically have no function other than to have the level 120 heart- which is pretty nice, seeing as you're in reboot and I'm assuming you have no broids there.
Feb 01 2018
hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art hualicious is intoHualicious
@flint: I can't find the information for you about the Wondroid Coin Shop. But in order to be able to buy anything related to 'Wondroids' you have to rescue these Wondroids to unlock items so that they are buyable. It isn't just only the Wondroid that you rescue that becomes available to buy, but also the Accessoires (Shoulderpad, Pendant, Belt. They are moveable within the account forever) requires you to rescue a certain amount of Wondroids to unlock these.

All the other items such as bags, 2x EXP/Drop coupons, skillbooks, trait potion etc. are buyable without rescuing any androids.

So you will have to do multiple of JQs in order to buy those accessoires. I don't remember which one becomes available after 1 Wondroid. I can check on my Kanna or Bishop since I only rescued 1 wondroid on them last year and I remember I was able to buy at least 2 of the Lv120 accessoires.

If you finish the JQ one time, you can start Investigation mode and farm your coins. 5 Free entries per day and after that you will consume one of those blue tickets (that you can get from doing the daily quests). You can rescue 1 wondroid per day for free (unlimited attempts after you fail), however you can attempt to rescue more wondroids as long you got one of those blue tickets. Although I recommend to save it for Investigation Mode, unless you want to rescue most or all the Wondroids within few days.

If you use the ticket for the Rescue mode, if you fail in B4, it will be a wasted ticket and requires you to use another ticket to attempt it again. But however if you reach B3 at least, you can restart from B3 if you fail there.

I don't know how good you are at JQs in general but if you don't like it but did manage to rescue one wondroid. Then you might as well just settle with that Wondroid + Glimmering Wondroid Heart. It is very good for Reboot but also very nice for Non-Reboot worlds.

Fairy Heart (Lv100), Titanium Heart (lv100), Liquid Metal Heart (Lv120) are a few bil mesos worth, while you can attempt to get a Wondroid Heart + Wondroid from the event. A Spelltraced Lv100 Heart would get you max 55 atk or matk, unless you go for Prime scrolls $_$, then it wouldn't matter which Heart you choose as long it has a lot of slots and belongs to the highest potential tier available and not to forget it also has to be compatible with the android.

I did the same as this person:

It is scrolled with 30% SpellTrace scrolls. Glimmering Wondroid Heart belongs in the same 'spelltrace' tier as Outlaw Hearts.

Level 120/150 hearts
100% (ATT) 3
70% (ATT) 4
30% (ATT) 7

100% (M.ATT) 3
70% (M.ATT) 4
30% (M.ATT) 7
Feb 01 2018
flint Level 175 Reboot Buccaneer
Wow! Thank you!
So far I rescued two wondroids. I was going to give up on getting orchiroid with magpie coins, but since the wondroids don't have shop access, I guess I'll buy a wondroid and orchiroid. Would glimmering heart work with non-wondroids?
Feb 01 2018
hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art hualicious is intoHualicious
@flint: The Glimmering Heart only works on Wondroids. After rescuing 1 Wondroid you can buy Shoulder and Belt. I have also bought the For Display Purpose Only chair and the damage skin, so I guess those will become available as well.

Good job rescuing two Wondroids. Since you are able to do the JQ, up to you now, if you want to unlock them all. Oh by the way, since you are in Reboot, can you still transfer those type of gear tradeable within the account? Or only mesos? Since I only heard people mention about making a Kanna for farming mesos, which should support their main.

If you want an android with a shop function, an alternative android is Subani roid or Dr jang roid. You can get one of these from Masteria Through Time Act. I believe this isn't event reward.
Feb 02 2018
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
@hualicious: In Reboot only mesos can be banked, no weapons or equips. O, and another thing, as i remember correctly you can get the act 4 rewards from Mastaria Through Time event only one time.
Feb 02 2018

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