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Would a DB or a NL fit my requirements more

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I am in need to choose one of these. I have been through so many classes, but now i want to make one of these my main.

I want a class that has good training speed (DB i think)
Decent damage with avg fundings
Accepted often into boss runs
Very good at soloing bosses (1v1)

I heard that a Sin gets really fun when it becomes a hermit because of avenger.. but i am not sure about DB's past lvl 50... Because i haven't gotten one past lvl 50+ yet.

(I Do Have nx to buy books, but since i am in Chaos, there is no mts yet)

Thanks alot
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Kristoff666 Level 192 Windia Blade Master
DB all the way. Once you hit 70 you just fly through the lvls while doing very good damage, mine has average funding and I do real good damage. DB's are right at the top of 1v1 with corsair. And if you buy nx mastery books you are pretty much golden right there.
Aug 02 2011
Depends if you can get the books for DB
If you can't , go for the Hermit

EDIT: Nevermind , I just skimmed your post!

EDIT2:Instead of buying books for your DB , you can use the NX to decently fund the Hermit!
I would go for the Hermit
Aug 02 2011
sreiously a bishop?, and i am in Chaos i have no MTS>
Aug 02 2011
You need lots of funding for a hermit/NL. Needa spend at least 10b in mesos to be decent. Just my 2 cents.
Aug 02 2011
I had really fun on my Db. i got from 1~70 really easilly. Plus their good at Pvp
Aug 02 2011
okay. thanks guys. but from 1-30 should i put a point on ds or ts or just cntrl my self to 30
Aug 02 2011

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