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Would my laptop be able to launch maplestory?

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blissful Level 81 Bera Dragon Knight
I recently got a new laptop and was wondering if it could launch maplestory? It is a HP notebook 17.3 inch screen with an icore5 1tb and 2.5ghz and has a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-7200U mobile processor , dual-core
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kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
+1 with that specs definitely
Jan 07 2017
blissful Level 81 Bera Dragon Knight
Can you help me step-by-step how to make maplestory work? I tried launching it on my laptop and nothing showed up at all besides the game security. Every time I launch Maplestory, either from the launcher or from Steam, it does the same thing. The Nexon Game Security pops up in the corner for about two seconds and then disappears and the game never starts. I've tried uninstalling antiviruses, disabling firewalls, and everything. It is a brand new laptop, and I'm assuming Windows 10 is the issue, but I've searched and searched and haven't found anything relating to my problem. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. I've been dying to play!
Jan 07 2017
masinko Level 174 Broa Battle Mage 4 Abyssel Guild See what games, anime & art masinko is intoMasinko
@blissful: browse to the directory you found it in. Look for GameLauncher.exe. Right-click it, click 'Run As Administrator'.

If that doesn't work, try Right-clicking Game Launcher.
-> click properties.
-> navigate to the compatibility tab
-> check Run This Program in compatibilty mode
-> try different ones (usually they all work, but most people have luck with xp or win7).
-> Do the 'Run as Admin' step from above again to see if that works.

This isn't really a fix, but maybe you could debug through some problems. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open task manager.
-> Run maple through the 'Run as Admin' mentioned above.
-> Check to see if Maplestory.exe is a running process after launch and if it exits or something.
Jan 07 2017

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