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Wow nexon Screen

By ec965

ec965 Level 144 Bellocan Blade Master
Feb 01 2012 so i enhanced my scarf 2 times and the enhancements did nothing lol. you can see the scroll and its effects. and the 2 stars. now apply it all in and you get 2 enhancements that did nothing...

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LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
@LordPsych: EDIT: Never mind, forgot about the scrolling. Sucks though.

OT: Try another?
Feb 01 2012
you got 3wepond/magic def lol
Feb 01 2012
you gained 6 def/m.def o_o
Feb 02 2012
ec965 Level 144 Bellocan Blade Master
wow wtf nexon
Feb 02 2012
StupidRob Level 192 Scania Xenon 4
The scrolls give 5 hp/mp, 5/5 x 4 = 20/20. So only def/mdef from enhances.
Reading is hard, right? Don't criticize them for a mistake if you're making one, too.
Feb 02 2012

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