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Wow they messed it up for Windows 7 Users

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monkey3842 Level 149 Bera Night Lord
They messed up our game launcher and now the no disk in drive thing is back...
Posted: April 2011 Permalink


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I can play maple fine and i use Windows 7
Apr 27 2011
i got windows 7 and i'm fine.. start it up from the website?
Apr 27 2011
Mine doesn't say anything bout a disk...
Just maplestory.exe has stopped working
Apr 27 2011
To run Maple Story under Windows 7, open
Right click MapleStory.exe and choose to create a shortcut (It should say GameLauncher - Shortcut)
Right click the shortcut you just created and choose Properties
Target line should say "C:NexonMapleStoryGameLauncher.exe"
Change the target line to "C:NexonMapleStoryMapleStory.exe GameLaunching"

Method 2

Run as administrator.
Right click "Gamelauncher" and head to the compatibility tab
Under "Privilege level" check "Run this program as an adminstrator"
Or, if your lazy, right click on "Gamelauncher" > "Run as adminstrator."

Method 3

Changing compatibility mode.
Right click "Gamelauncher" and head to the compatibility tab.
Under "Compatibility mode" change to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Usually works)
If not, right click "Gamelauncher" and "Troubleshoot compatibility"
Apr 27 2011
Why don't you launch from the site? It will work fine if you do.
Apr 27 2011
Koncept Level 53 Windia Fighter
i think he has the DVD version of MS
Apr 27 2011
they said they are going to fix it but in my case im windows 7 and im perfectly fine
Apr 27 2011
Yeah, my Windows 7 was running fine. Although I was getting random instant d/cs in apq and the balloon pq.
Apr 27 2011
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