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Xbox One can now play some old Xbox 360 games


The games: A Kingdom for Keflings, A World of Keflings, Alien Hominid HD,Assassin's Creed,IIAsteroids & DeluxeBanjo-Kazooie®Banjo Kazooie®: Nut...

Great deal if you want a new console

3 You can pick an xbox one + kine...

Basiler Smack claims I scam


Hey guys, recenetly @smack has been claiming that I scammed him. He has claimed to have very many good IGN such as Dusk,Dawn,Smack, and other good one...

What do you do for fun in Mgs5?


I've gotten so far to the point where I can mess around with little consequence (exept killing friendlies) What do you guys do for fun (hence title...

Metal Gear Solid 5


To anyone who played this game, do you think it lived up to the hype? To me, I think the phantom hype was real, but I can't put my arm to the fact t...

Gonna make this clear about Mgs5


[B][I]Buy it.[/B][/I] I'm comfortable in telling you that...if you in any way enjoy games in any sense whatsoever - MGS5 is worth your money and you...

Just got Gears of War


The new Xbox One remake version. I used to love the original series so much. Great mixture of shooter/horror genre... The first one was by far my fav...

Dark Souls 1 amp 2 Xbox 360


So I'm bored out of my mind. Does anyone wanna start new in either DS1 or DS2? Im on the 360. I don't have a mic anymore ( dogs decided it looked li...

Smite Is Life, Smite Is Wife


I have been playing SMITE a lot during the beta this summer, most of my friends play League of Legends instead but I like the console feel and 3rd (2n...

Xbox One Refurbished w/ Kinect for 380 or Xbox One Mcc


So my 18th is coming up on September 13th, and I wanted to know which to purchase either the Xbox One Refurbished w/ Kinect for $380 or Xbox One Halo ...

Xur has gjallarhorn



Destiny 360


Looking for 32+ to do vog/poe/nightfalls with here n there Add me - ' krvzyy '...

Should I buy Xbox One or Ps4?


I'm planning to buy one, and play GTA V. :p...

New to Xbox One


Hey Maplers. :D I just bought an Xbox One. Add me if you play GTA V or Mortal Kombat X or need another friend. :) Live: jmFoxy...

Gears of War


Who is excited for Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Gears 4! >:D...

Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One


If you play. Leave your gamertag, level and alliance. :) Edit: wrong forum, oops. Leave GT's anyway lol....

Xbox One Gta Heists


Im looking for a group of 4 people to finish a heist including the setups. I have completed all of the heists previously. The time of this posting is ...

Metal Gear Solid series may go downhill after Mgs5


[url=]From Konami[/url] [url=

Going to attempt to stream Hardline Mp


As of 3/16 11:10 pm PST (6:10 Basil Time) ([url=]Watch here.[/url] Will edit if I don't get it to work OR if I get o...

Anyone want to play Xbox One games together?


I got myself an Xbox One for Christmas this year. It was pretty expensive and I'm getting as much use out of it as I can, so I'm looking for people ...

Any Gears of War 3 players?


Hi guys, I've been trying to find maplers who i could play with on Gears of War 3, i don't expect to get ton of replies due to the fact that Gears o...

Metal Gear Solid V Collectors Edition?


Was originally planning to just pick up the game digitally until the collector's edition attacked.(can't post link because it contains restricted wo...

Come check out my stream


Hey guys I'm streaming at the moment and would be glad if you stop by! I might be playing NBA 2k15 or Sniper Elite III. :D :D :D [url=http://www.twi...

Anyone ready for 2nd Battlefield Hardline Beta?


I know I am. Too bad college, work and sleep will take away most of the 5 days of the beta. I may consider buying this game if it feels better than t...

Post your Xbone GamerTags here games you mainly play


This is to possibly find people who play same game as you on Xbone. I saw another post like this but it's mainly for 360 players. I'll start. Gt: p...

Hey guys streaming dying light


Come and check it out. U might have some difficulties watching cause of my connection I guess but come and if you'd like..

Exo Zombies?


Anyone tried this game mode? I have only played 5 minutes of it, but they buffed the starting pistol (2x power of m1911 and knife them anymore :3 No...

Anyone hyped for any games coming this year?


EDIT: I know it's on xbox section, but any game on any console that you are hyped for. Only bought Resident Evil HD, but I didn't think it was bad. I...

Cant wait for Metal Gear Solid V


The pseudo hype is so real! I canno believe it's not butter. Anyone else waiting for this game to come out as well?...

Considering streaming Resident Evil Hd


EDIT: CLOSED AS OF NOW. It comes out at 12am pst (around 2 hours from this post or 8am bt). Anyone interested to watch gameplay? Otherwise I'll just c...