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donkreeq Level 204 Renegades Xenon 4

I have not played MS for over a I am playing Xenon .

Some questions:
  1. Which version of Mecha Purge do you use for mobbing? OR do you train with just Beam Dance?
  2. Do you guys use Hologram and which mode do you prefer for training if you do?
  3. Do you guys use any 2nd or 3rd job skills still?
  4. Do you guys even use Salvo?
  5. What maps do you train at for 200.

Posted: June 2016 Permalink


iliketurtles Level 211 Scania Xenon 4
1. I use bombard for single platforms and bombardment for higher platforms
2. I use the purple one
3. Booster, streamline, diagonal chase, hybrid defense(only for bosses), and emergency resupply
4. lol no
5. twilight perion(golems)
Jun 23 2016
donkreeq Level 204 Renegades Xenon 4
@renexz: I am currently using a Terminus Whip Blade and I have DSI. Am I capping speed cap or near it? Since my range is only 1.8-2m or 1.9m-2m (when soul weapon is fully charged), I will probably be using Snipe and Purple Hologram then. Do you use the Hyper Hologram Skill, the entanglement for bossing too or no?
Jun 23 2016
renexz Level 171 Galicia Xenon 4 ZonaBR Guild
@donkreeq: Well, I'm level 163 and my range is less than 200k, so I use snipe and the purple hologram + buffs. If you use terminus, DSI, booster skill, that green MPE potion and +1 attack speed on IA, then you will cap the speed. But I guess beam dance is worth only if you hit 55m in it, if not, use snipe, cause it does more damage and it's relativelly fast with DSI, booster skill, +1 IA and green MPE potion.
Jun 23 2016
donkreeq Level 204 Renegades Xenon 4
I will need to get some MPE potions. That is the potions from Monster Park? Been so long lol...
Jun 23 2016

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