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Xenoroid sniper Screen

By Croodle

Croodle Level 136 Windia Hayato 4
Jul 22 2013 Basically the concept of things like these is what if somebody else got the technology for Xenon and just got a bunch of (hopefully consenting) subjects and made them into Xenoroids as a sort of squad team. I'm thinking about doing 5 more of these (ideally). So, would you rather me go back to how I usually do these (lined and coloured on SAI), which takes about 2 weeks to never? or should I do my art like this? I doubt any of you read the descriptions anyway.

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SoulAffinity Level 200 Bera Cannoneer 4
This is so cool
Jul 23 2013
Kirikai Level 180 Scania Bishop
This looks great. If you draw them all this way and think it would be worth the time and effort to do them on SAI then go for it.
But this looks great.
Jul 23 2013
You are good enough at both ways of drawing, so go with what pleases you most at the moment. Reminded me of one of the appleseed guns or something like that.
Jul 23 2013
Croodle Level 136 Windia Hayato 4
i didnt know you draw croodle


Nice [url=]chatty Croodle call[/url] you got there.
Jul 23 2013
elpanaj8 Level 185 Windia Battle Mage 4
i really like but just for the lol xP she is holding the sniper from one of the ammmo capsule ._. man what if thhat thing xplode D:
Jul 23 2013
ghettobuddha96 Level 60 Windia Marauder
Looks like something from tron especially that flying disk and what looks to be a glowing motorcycle on top right
Jul 23 2013
Draw your art whichever way YOU think is good, you should draw to satisfy yourself, unless you are trying to sell it
Jul 23 2013
Croodle Level 136 Windia Hayato 4
@elpanaj8 I changed it into a grip because I also think that grabbing an energy tube is a pretty bad idea.
@potato2008 I already know that I prefer drawing it by hand, I just wanted the opinions of other Basilers out of curiosity.
Jul 23 2013

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