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Yay essay time

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numan21 Level 169 Scania Shadower
This essay is due in 3 hrs, if i dont do it i fail my english class. Please help me by writing an essay.
heres the prompt

"who was on on september 4th, and who am i now. how have i grown intelectually and personally since the first day of school"

im in 9th btw if that helps . Also feel free to bs ur way through the essay,

needs to be 5 paragraphs long with a thesis, and body paragraphs are SPECIFIC experiences that helped you improve (^with that prompt) my experiences are
  1. i transferred from another school midway, it was hard for me but i had to perservere. (had to make freinds, etc)
  2. I was struggling with bad grades, i stoped procrastinating and blah blah blah
  3. I struggled to maintain my physical body, i had to train hard, to help me improve as an athelete.

EDIT: ik wrong section, mods please move to chat (im sorry)
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No one will help you write an essay. Sorry. That is all.
May 20 2013
Who is going to do this for you?

Why don't you do it yourself?
May 20 2013
CodeXLC Level 70 Windia Blade Lord
put some cloths on!
May 20 2013
Marceaux Level 203 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Get off this site and do it for yourself..
May 20 2013
lilninja45 Level 171 Renegades Night Lord
Lets be realistic, you're asking a bunch of maplers to do your homework and you're not even rewarding them? Besides that, this is supposed to be a personal essay, a reflection on YOUR school year not ours, telling us 3 things of how you "changed" doesn't provide enough background information to even begin your essay. Go do your own homework or don't do it at all and fail. If you really cared about your grade you would've stopped procrastinating like you stated in your second experience and started the dang essay already.
May 20 2013
What the other posters have said
May 20 2013
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