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Your favorite Vip Hair

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IfIMust Level 63 Chaos Night Walker 3
Tell your favorite VIP hairstyle! I know a lot of people spend on Royal hairs now but im sure you all have a fav vip hair so tell it here!

mine differ by what class i put it on
i usually like fuzz on mages and archers
anything else i get Grand Lionman
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BonkoNana Level 147 Windia Luminous 4
I quite like Spiky Shag (although some of my friends will disagree with me here) and Matinee Idol
Apr 23 2013
sceneangelx Level 200 Scania F/P Arch Mage
Sunflower power, can't think of others
Apr 23 2013
SteezyCereal Level 205 Bera Shade 4
Battle Mage and Grand Lionman. Best ones imo.
Apr 23 2013
bwahax3 Level 161 Reboot Aran 4
For boys, I like Grand Lionman and Cabana Boy. I like Antagonist, as well.

For girls, I like Darling Diva and Zessica.
Apr 23 2013
renaflor Level 191 Scania Evan 10th Growth
Girl - Darling Diva, Top Tied Bun, Ravishing Raven

Boys - Short Top Tail
Apr 23 2013
DragonsLair Level 175 Khaini Bow Master
Male: Cabana Boy, Metrosexual, and Dreamcatcher
Female: Angelica and Caspia
Those are all my favs
Apr 23 2013
yucyyboo Level 159 Bera Bishop
I personally like Celia Twist. I like Darling Diva too but it's too overrated now that it became VIP.
Apr 23 2013
MissTabbeh Level 100 Renegades Kanna 4
Whichever female hair that looks like Hime, forgot its name
Male: Gruff and tough
Apr 24 2013
blazi4ever Level 205 Scania Marksman See what games, anime & art blazi4ever is intoblazi4ever
Boys: Cabana Boy, Metrosexual, Gruff & Tuff, Antagonist, Short Top Tail, Dragon Tail, Wind, Roving Rockstar
Girls: Princessa, the original 3 default hairs (Sammy, Connie, Edgy), Rose, Tighty Bun, Caspia, Angelica, Darling Diva, Cecelia Twist, Sunflower Power, Lovely Ladyhawk, (lots more in the EXP section though), Naomi, Zessica, Monica

;o; No one ever has these hairstyles anymore.
Apr 24 2013
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