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Your review of Hayato?

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Rimkii Level 206 Bera Marksman
As a whole i'm pretty impressed with the speed as well as the attacks without being *super flashy unlike kaisers.
However, it is a bit of an MP killer which i don't really mind since i have a freakish amount of mp pots from alchemy+jr boogie.
I guess the biggest complaint i have about the class is the Vapor Blade-I don't like how you can hit the up key twice for it which messes me up at portals and the delay afterwards when you land is kinda irritating. Plus the Dankuusen skill makes me miss assaulter

How are you liking your Hayato? Probably a ton of these threads already sorry
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Only complaint I have is the camera after using that one skill (forgot the name).
I love warrior classes and I wish they played more like DB's so it looks like I got my wish.
Plus it takes practice to master everything you can do.
9/10 great class.
Mar 14 2013
How are you liking your Hayato? Probably a ton of these threads already sorry [/quote]

There are indeed a lot of post about this, some of which can easily be seen on the front page of basil, i dont get why people dont search for more than 3 second before making new post....

Overall i like Hayato more than most other classes but i liked them more when i played JMS initialy, im a bit disappointed at how unimportant the combo are in gms. That can mainly be attributed to our maps(alien and LHC). Training was much more dynamic and fun in jms but it was also slower there so i guess i could replicated it by going solo somewhere in leafre but all i want to now it to get to a good enought level to play with my guild again.

I hope i will be able to enjoy my Hayato fully once i get out of LHC to boss and train with my guildmates
Mar 14 2013
ShadowSkillz Level 169 Aquila Shadower
His duh dream class that everyone's looking forward to play.
Super fun.<3
8~9/10 cause the up skill sux when using it near portals.
Mar 14 2013
kajmir34 Level 203 Khaini Kaiser 4
I liked 2nd and 3rd job a lot. 4th was really lack-luster for me
Mar 14 2013
I liked 2nd and 3rd job a lot. 4th was really lack-luster for me[/quote]

Static grinding in alien/LHC doesnt fit the Hayato style, thats probably why people find his 4th job bad(me included, so far) because it really was amazing in JMS. I never trained there and i found 4th job to be really fun and diverse
Mar 14 2013
I'm liking it so far, I just dislike how so many other people like it as well... nicely cubed warrior gear is like impossible to find in the fm right now.
Mar 14 2013
The class is like the revamped Thunder Breakers since you chain your attacks with combos. So it gave a taste to what TBs would be like. For the MP problem a Jr.Boogie familiar helps, all my characters except my Bucc have one and I never use mp pots.
Mar 14 2013
This class is great mobility is a HUGE plus on my side it is extremely fast.
My DB is useless now.
Mar 14 2013
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