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Zakum Solo with DaBoki - Rug and Gun Shopping Video

By fishsticks23

fishsticks23 Level 143 Khaini Blade Lord
Nov 10 2011 A Zakum battle and me telling you guys about my shopping experience

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memory829 Level 166 Bera Hero
idk why but whenever u laugh I start to laugh too LOLLLLL i think i find it funny
I think shopping is boring.... Honestly I like window shopping, but... when it comes to clothes shopping.... don't even get me started >.>
YEAHH HIGH FIVE, I LIKE COD TOO and Battlefield don't laugh at me but I also like transformers 3 Dark of the moon its like a mixture of COD and Gears of War
Nov 10 2011
haha i thought i wasn't gonna buy MW3 as its my senior year, but i gave in on the 2nd day of the release and brought it today -.- u just can't resist it
Nov 10 2011
xerostar33 Level 177 Bellocan Wild Hunter 4
Sexy voice-Check
Sexy commentary-Check
Sexy video-Check

Triple threat.
Nov 11 2011
<3 amazing! But after seeing that now I can finally accept that I won't get a bear
Nov 16 2011
most soothing voice ever...
Nov 27 2011

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