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Zenith bandana after 2 days Screen

By Ranger

Ranger Level 135 Zenith Dark Knight
Dec 08 2010 This guy JUST smegaed his Zenith bandana, everyone was like "hax" xD

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hallrock Level 202 Reboot Aran 4
It actually wouldn't be that hard. If it weren't for finals, I would be 70+ by now.
Dec 09 2010
I. Love. Your. IGN. LOL
Dec 10 2010
danny112192 Level 47 Chaos Bandit
people are already in zenith 91?
in el nido 8X....[/quote]
Only Because our server was down for like 10hours or more...
Dec 10 2010
Hey Coqs :] It's me Nikkittaa
Dec 10 2010

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