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cocopuffs Level 151 Reboot Cannoneer 4
Aug 23 2011 Here's a little insight of Zenith's Serenity guild.

You're boss of this gym t_T

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0:56-1:00 best part of the entire thing
Aug 25 2011
cocopuffs Level 151 Reboot Cannoneer 4
it just shows we're not that hardcore/serious kyle lol

Credits to Scyro (Chris) for making this video!
Aug 26 2011
Rukia Level 16 Bera
hi everyone
Aug 26 2011
^ thanks man, unfortunately basil thinks different :O(
Aug 26 2011
Hey pajama man im not in it XP
Aug 27 2011
xVietVietx Level 177 Zenith Dark Knight
cant believe chris would actually fraps that! TY BASED CHAN!
Aug 27 2011
Good man for posting this
Aug 28 2011

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