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Zero Lotus Stage 1 & 2 Solo Video

By shreytastic

shreytastic Level 250 Bera Zero Transcendent Adorable Guild
Sep 21 2016 I recently learned about a new technique for zeroes to maneuver in Stage 1 of Lotus. It seems that burst step and flash assault have tiny windows of invincibility that allow you to dash through the laser if you are standing right next to it. I've been playing with the spacing a bit and ended up with this pretty clean stage 1&2 solo. Excited to see how far I can get with the upcoming 75m damage cap!

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mybadfurday Level 101 Scania Paladin
Damn you really do have flawless Zero control.
Sep 21 2016
cuuurt Level 210 Bellocan Zero Transcendent
Awesome video, very good control!

What/when is this 75m damage cap you speak of?
Sep 21 2016
gkgrazed Level 212 Elnido Zero Alpha
Your Control is incredible Shrey, I watch your Cvel video and try to replicate, fail and then rewatch, rinse and repeat u_u, my best run was 4 lives left and Cvel down to 10% hp or so until time ran out...Lotus is out of the question for me until i master the worm...Nice work!! ^_^
Sep 25 2016
shreytastic Level 250 Bera Zero Transcendent Adorable Guild
@gkgrazed: Thank you for the kind words Keep practicing! I'm sure you will get it down eventually
Sep 26 2016

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