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yuuio7 Level 167 Windia Wind Archer 4 See what games, anime & art yuuio7 is intoYuuio7
So I've been looking into making a bowman character but I'm not sure which one to making. I've played wind archer(I like the power but kinda repetitive to me) and marksman (love the play style but don't know how I feel about not have a hurricane ability). Can anyone give me an idea of which each classes' play style and abilities?
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bearsbuu Level 189 Scania Wild Hunter 4
+1 I recommend you to watch videos on all those bowmen classes bossing and movbing etc. And from there see which one looks more fun than the other. Goodluck! Me myseld I'm playing as mercedes and it's been really fun.
Dec 16 2016
volpi Level 215 Renegades Blade Master
+1 A lot of them playing very similar lol... just hold down Hurricane :^ ) they all have this skill, or a rendition of it. I personally love wind archers because it just looks beautiful coupled with Triffling Whim/Wind? Whatever it was called. Mercedes requires a lot of different buttons and combos which can make them more fun though I guess, super fragile though.
IMO Wind Archer, Mercedes and Wild Hunter are the most.. unique?

But hey I'm a thief player and know nothing about end game archers so take my advice with a grain of a salt, my experience is just playing with other archers and helping level my gfs merc and wind archer.
Dec 16 2016
kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
+1 I main a Wild Hunter and I can give you a few cents about my class.

First of all, it's different. The way you interact with your jaguar is a very unique mechanic in the whole game. If you want something new for a change, try Wild Hunter.

If there is one thing that I am very salty about is the 5th job skill. It's very lackluster and so frustrating when your jaguars act like idiots and don't focus on the enemy.
Dec 16 2016
deadangel13 Level 221 Windia Marksman
+1 Marksman is life BECAUSE our skills are more realistic xD those hurricane skills are an insult for anyone that enjoys shooting a bow irl. If you want the most authentic (as possible on a mmorpg) archer experience, you should give MM another chance. On the warrior section for example, that one more realistic class would be Hero imo.
Dec 17 2016

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