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after Red who is stronger the evan or arch mage i/l

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cuz im making a evan out of boredom and im like this mofo is beats but i know red is coming so before i put monies into this lizard i wanna know if he will be stronger then my arch mage
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MrsYing Level 220 Scania Battle Mage 4
The Evan fans are getting greedy. Evan got a revamp in KMS last month.

Evan have been touched 5+ times. What more do it guys want? Do you Evans want to be food at everything?

Evan is fine the way they are. Not happy about 95% resistance ?

If you like the class , you wouldn't care that much about what it's weak against.[/quote]

I want a new attacking skill, we have been getting buffs to our skills and ocassionally a new buff skill. I also think they are going to sooner or later make new animations for our skills and hope so, give Mir a new look.
Jul 31 2013
IImaplers Level 200 Demethos I/L Arch Mage
According to the DPS charts, AMs will have an advantage over Evans.
Aug 01 2013
juarmo Level 218 Bera Evan 4th Growth SixHeroes Guild
You're seriously putting Evan in a pedestry, you're saying plenty of statements that are not really true or just are misleaded, do us a small favor: Please stop.

Lemme point you some things about you and your posts:

-(Exagerated and Overrated)Biased Oppinion and/or statement.
-Presuming, putting in CAPS what Evans have.
-With the last point said, Evans are not gods, they're just a branch of a class called Magician (Mage).
-Making yourself look "superior" doesn't makes you superior, just makes you look worse than you look now.
-You actually post wall of texts that, in a way or another, PRESUME your dear evan.

So, please, with all respects, SHUT UP, they're just a class among any other classes, Evans get overlaped by many classes already, get out of your cloud of heaven and crash hard on Earth when falling.

I main a bishop, but i don't just presume that we "save parties and we raise your EXP" or something like that, but you're seriously a disgrace for the evan community, some other evans can tell it.

Of course, i also like the Evan class, BUT THAT'S ALL, if i "loved" it, it doesn't means i have to show it on other people's faces.[/quote]

First, WTH is a pedestry?
What part of this statement makes me sound like I think Evan's deserve any more than others, or that they should be treated like gods?
We ARE a freaking JACK OF ALL TRADES class, being GOOD AT EVERYTHING is just a PART OF OUR IDENTITY. We're squishier than pallies, slower than DBs, weaker than angelic buster, less supportive than bishops, less mobile than Hayato, but at the same time, we're more mobile than pallies, more supportive than DBs, faster than Angelic Buster, stronger than bishops, and tankier than hayato. We trade off being the BEST at SOME things for being GOOD at EVERYTHING.[/quote]

This statement, implies that being good at everything, which the person I quoted implied that that is something we shouldn't expect to have, is meant to be both their greatest strength AND their greatest weakness. It is their greatest strength because it means they have no definitive shortfalls. It is their greatest weakness because they no definitive strengths. What people fail to realize is that we are strong, but we aren't top tier dps. While we DO have much higher damage than say, a Night Lord, due mostly to the fact that this game has serious balancing issues, we are only number 10 of around 40, that makes us around the 25th percentile, not in the top 10%.

We got touched for the first time in over a year. So what? We were falling BEHIND after all the other classes were buffed 2 times AT LEAST. We may have been touched 5 times, but it doesn't matter if that was THEN and we're outdated NOW.[/quote]

This isn't an exaggeration. Prior to the small update Evan's get in RED, the last time Evan's were modified during the Advance of the Union in fall 2011 for KMSers vs the current update in summer 2013, That's not just over a year, that's 1.75 years, almost TWO!, which makes "over a year" an understatement, not an exaggeration, and "over TWO years" would be but a small exaggeration. We were, we ARE, at least until we get the RED buff, which we haven't yet.
The fact that Kaiser hits over 1/3 more %/sec even after its nerf is stupid, especially since there's classes with less than HALF of EVAN's. I DON'T THINK EVAN NEEDS A BUFF, at least, not AS BADLY, as other classes, not even a FOURTIETH AS BADLY, and NOT AT ALL if certain other classes are nerfed.

The thing is, I was replying to both a post that said that Evan's have been buffed every time another class is buffed, as well as the one that said acted like us wanting to be good at everything is incredulous. We ARE a jack of all trades, there's NOTHING we're the BEST at, but we're GOOD at EVERYTHING, like any good jack of all trades, granted, we're GREAT at SOME things, a lot of things, even, too many things, some would say, but we're best at nothing, and we are a respectable distance from the best at everything too. A bishop's identity is ALWAYS the to provide the best party support, in EVERY RPG, damage capability has never entered a bishop player's mind OUTSIDE of Maplestory. If player's of other games wanted dps THAT BADLY, they would've played a class with better dps at the cost of at least SOME support capability.

I'd say we were do for a revamp, not a huge one, a small one. Like, I'd be fine if Illusion was changed from 420% to 425%, or maybe cut down from 420% to 315% and have the hits increased to 5, then change the reinforce hyper to an addhit hyper, since 1 more hit on a 5hit skill is the same dps wise as 20% more damage. We also need new animations. Adventurers got awesome new animations, same with Cygnus, and all classes released after tempest were INTRODUCED with animations that good. I want new animations! I'd be happy if Evan's revamp JUST had new animations, or even if it was a minor NERF!

I hate the 95% status resistance because, well, due to the fact that 80% of it comes from my FAVORITE skill, it basically kills any chance of it EVER being capable being in effect nonstop. I'd give up ALL 80% of that resistance if I thought that would give us a CHANCE of the skill's duration EVER being as high as its duration! I seriously wasn't exaggerating when I said I'd give up 95% resistance if it'd let me have constant 20%, because that'd not only stop me from wasting most of my other sources of resist while Summon Onyx Dragon is summoned, but ALSO open the door for summon onyx dragon having an 100% maximum presence.

Of course, its more realistic for them to actually do that if Shroud's resistance was boosted, even a LITTLE, so I said I'd settle for even constant 20% resistance, when I'd even settle with the remaining 15% resist if they lowered summon onyx dragon's resistance to 20% or even ZERO.

If Summon Onyx Dragon could follow you and was constantly summonable, I wouldn't like Evan ANY more if it had JUST those changes, than I would if it was ALSO nerfed to 0% resistance, to 75% its current dpm, to 3hit illusion and 2hit blaze/flame wheel/dragon thrust, to 60% displacement on magic guard, and lost Dragon Blink AND Dragon Soar. Though, I wouldn't sacrifice the ability to telecast, or teleport mastery, or dark fog, or illusion itself, and possibly not killer wings.
Aug 02 2013
IsGamer Level 201 Renegades Bishop
@juarmo: NOW you clear the point, you cleared me the "good at everything" and the "jack of all trades", look, i know you just love Evan, but from the start you could just say that they're overall a bit over the balanced (aka a bit good), not just plainly say "good at everything", since some people (like in my case) could take it wrong.
Aug 02 2013
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