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airslicer30 story #1 @ Oct 12 2014

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airslicer30 Level 145 Khaini Bow Master
Few glitches I've encountered, is anyone else having them or know how to fix them?
1) For Bowmasters, Arrow Platter is glitched, im not on a rope or anything, doesnt matter if i set it down or hold down the button, the arrows fly through enemies, not even missing, just passing right through with no effect.

2) Harvesting is glitched, I press npc chat to harvest herbs or mine ore and nothing happens, then after trying again it says I cannot do that right now.

3) When I enter a new map, for like 30 seconds to one minute, my all-chat doesn't work at all, I can type any message and it just wont display for a little bit.

Man, ms is a thrown together, glitchy mess at this point...


Y0u19 Level 200 Bera Bow Master
Happened to me like a week ago, just restart maple/restart comp then you'll be set. At least, that worked for me.
Oct 12 2014

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