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alldafraks story #2 @ Dec 02 2017

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alldafraks Level 119 Elnido Mechanic 4
This LVN-to-RN program is kicking my ass, I've been banned from being around patients until next week due to a case of RSV I can't seem to kick, and I've been instructed to rest hard and just... recoup. Moreoever, my current roommates don't seem to understand I can't pause play in Overwatch. I need a stupid lil' game to causally waste time in, so here we are. Again.

So I've decided to get enough of my characters up to lvl 50 to get that "Renaissance Mapler" medal.

But side note what is UP with the interface design of this game? Took me forever to figure out how to quit the game, beyond X-ing out of the game via my Task Manager on my PC. And once you choose a realm, the only way to get back to the start menu is to enter the game and then choose "Choose Different Character?" Also the Maplestory official webpage is glitchy as all get out for me.

Between that and the lack of people both on here and in game, I have to wonder if Maplestory is finally dying.


alldafraks Level 119 Elnido Mechanic 4
Well of course. That's why they outnumber us.

I just tried to post something and BM is saying the content is "against the rules." I tried changing the language and it's still saying that and I can't for the life of me see what it is about that post that was offensive. I was talking about my characters and getting re-acquainted with the game?
Dec 02 2017

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