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angeltaylor story #127 @ Apr 06 2018

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angeltaylor Level 159 Windia Kanna 4 StarSigns Guild
Maybe I'm just a baby, but the fact that I've played Maple for 11 yrs and gave them all my Christmas and chore money as a child and a large chunk of my paycheck as a grown person and I live right outside of LA, but they won't let me go to Maple Fest is the last straw. I honestly don't wanna play this game anymore. RIP. Sorry I know this is dumb, just don't really have a place to rant about it.


animus Level 160 Aquila I/L Arch Mage
It is good to rant here. Basil is basically a grave now so feel free to dumb your negative emotions here.
Apr 06 2018
sanjupm Level 230 Bera Corsair See what games, anime & art sanjupm is intoSanjuPM
Yeah it sucks its a localized event. Even though you can buy a plane ticket and get a hotel not everyone has the luxury to do so.

Also I dont really care for the exclusive maple merch you can get at the event, but seeing the hot discussion of exclusive In game prizes (one of which is bis) seems to be a little too salt on the wound if you get what I mean.
Apr 06 2018
sanjupm Level 230 Bera Corsair See what games, anime & art sanjupm is intoSanjuPM
@zigen: I think it was a way to vet the people coming. Ive heard people whos accounts have been banned, or was in bad standing got rejected. But thats just a small sammple that I know of.
Apr 08 2018
sunshine443 Level 56 Yellonde Assassin
The exclusiveness does not feel appropriate for our modern 2018 society. Right now it's somewhat of a "golden age" for these sorts of conventions; PAX East was huge, and occurred just over the weekend.

I'd chalk this up as a poor decision by Nexon. Why not go all out to generate hype for their game, and to make everyone feel included?
Apr 11 2018

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